Start Your STR Empire Today

As the Short-Term Rental Industry continues to grow, so does the need for Hosts, Owners & Investors to stay active, informed and adaptable in every part of their business.  Silk Sky Investments is dedicated to deliver quality results in the short-term rental industry.



Create and elevate dynamic short-term rental or vacation homes designed to increase rental income and occupancy.



With our experience, we make the process faster, saving you time and money.



Designing, ordering, and setting up a short-term rental to be guest -ready is stressful! So let us do it for you!


When designing a short-term rental there is a lot to think about. It’s not only about creating a jaw dropping design, but functionality, guest experience and a quick turn over for your cleaners also must be considered. When these elements align, it translates into 5-star reviews and increases profitability that will easily provide you a quick return on your upfront investment.